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  1. "I was the only girl who had the bones to grab the mic": Miss Red's dancehall K.O.
  2. Diggers Battle Over Ancient Bones

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Terms and Conditions. Some of the special activities at this sleepover will include: Digging for real fossils in a simulated dig site Learning how to create a plaster mold of a fossil Playing games that teach us the scientific names of different species Getting up close to real prehistoric specimen and historical artifacts Along with these fun activities, we will also feature a scavenger hunt for prizes, a Dino Dance Party, a light snack, a film in the theater, a Live Science Show and, a light breakfast, and of course general admission to all of our outstanding general exhibit halls.

"I was the only girl who had the bones to grab the mic": Miss Red's dancehall K.O.

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You Scrolled 0 Pixels. You Burned 0 Nanojoules. Presented by Kingsize Soundlabs, Gold-Diggers Sound is the first of its kind -- a state of the art recording complex with nine studios and a multi-use soundstage, paired with a boutique hotel and dimly-lit bar. Specifically designed to be a home away from home for artists, producers, writers, and music lovers from LA and around the world.

Diggers Battle Over Ancient Bones

Each of our nine plug-and-play studios is professionally designed and acoustically engineered, equipped with only the best from the best. With over 25 years operating commercial studios in LA and Chicago, Gold-Diggers Sound meets you on your level and then raises the bar. For more info about recording and equipment, please contact studioinfo gold-diggers.

Located at the back of Ed Woods original sound stage and restored to its former glory, The Sound Stage is perfect for so many uses. Package deals are available. Studio 2 Currently locked out.