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But Jenny fears those she turns away will simply seek out less scrupulous firms to do business with. Elaine, 40, is one of the women they turned down. Shockingly, the mother of two is only a size Elaine admits she would only like to lose a stone. Elaine spends two hours a day in the gym and follows a strict diet.

I understand why she turned me down but I am still having it done.

Gastric Bypass

But Jenny has got serious concerns that women like Elaine who do find a surgeon to operate, will not get essential after care. No surgeon based in the UK is going to do that on a slim woman. Will they travel abroad every time they need an infill? Elaine is adamant she sees the surgery as nothing more than an extreme diet.

But things can go wrong. She was still left unable to eat even small pieces of cake without vomiting. The surgery alone will not help someone lose weight and keep it off. The patient must change eating and exercise habits. Without changes to the daily pattern of eating and activity, the patient is likely to regain the weight over time. Reality : There are many different types of gastrointestinal procedures for weight loss, some of which reduce the functioning size of the stomach and others that bypass parts of the digestive tract, reducing absorption of calories and nutrients.

Different types of surgeries offer different results, and some are more suitable for particular people than others. Myth : Obese and morbidly obese people are lazy and stupid. Reality : Obese and morbidly obese people suffer from a disease called obesity. Most have tried numerous ways to lose weight and get healthy, but were unsuccessful. Weight loss surgery is usually a last resort, but a necessary option.

Unfortunately many obese people suffer discrimination and unwarranted scrutiny and judgment due to their excess weight. Myth : Bariatric surgery is extremely dangerous. Reality : Any type of surgery has associated risks, such as complications or even death. But a number of recent advances have helped to minimize risks. Myth: Obese people have to undergo surgery because they are lazy. Reality: On a personal level, this misperception annoys me the most.

By the time these people come to my outpatient clinic, they have tried every diet available. They have suffered immense social, emotional and psychological stress, and they want nothing more than to rid themselves of the excess body weight they carry. Due to an individualized interplay among genetics, environment and behaviour, these patients have realised that their best chance of living a normal life is to resort to a band, sleeve or bypass.

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Reality: As part of my job, I literally get inside of people and either reroute their digestive tracts or slip a lap band over the top of their stomachs. Sounds dangerous, right? As with any surgery, weight loss surgery carries risks. But modern technology has made bariatric procedures relatively safer.

In a study of 66, obese people over five years, those who chose to have a bariatric surgery lived longer than those who did nothing. People learn new, reasonable, healthy eating behaviours. Trying to eat too much at one time would make it hard to keep the food down. With those caveats, a person can live an unrestricted life following surgery.

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They can go out to restaurants, take a cooking class and host a family dinner! Myth: Bariatric patients undergoing surgery have a very restricted lifestyle. Men and women who are morbidly obese deal every single day with deep, core issues of self-esteem and pride. For example, there are physical repercussions of being so overweight like, inability to control the bladder that can be embarrassing, if not humiliating. Bariatric surgery can help restore dignity. About sixty percent of my patients are women.

Dramatic weight loss over time often brings these women a new self-confidence and a new beginning to a more fruitful life. Reality: Though, there is a large amount of overlapping between Bariatric and Metabolic surgery, however, all Bariatric procedures can also be called Metabolic procedures because the word metabolic says that it changes your metabolism.

So, what happens in a Bariatric surgery?

CPE Monthly: Predictors of Weight Regain After Bariatric Surgery - Today's Dietitian Magazine

It can be divided primarily into three limbs— One, Surgery is done for morbidly obese patients who do not have any associated co-morbidities such as diabetes, hypertension, etc. The second limb would consist of patients who have obesity which is related to diabetes, and other co-morbidities like hypertension, heart problems, kidney problems, etc. And the third limb would consist of patients who have diabetes only, without any associated obesity.

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So Bariatric surgery is primarily done for patients who are obese or have related diseases like diabetes and hypertension. Whereas, metabolic surgery for diabetics would encompass purely surgery done for patients with diabetes without associated obesity. Myth: All Diabetic patients should go under the knife and get the surgery done? Reality: Absolutely NOT! There have been strict guidelines and criteria to choose a patient who would benefit from this surgery. So, based on individual cases, we decide which patient will benefit from it.

However, broadly speaking, patients who have Diabetes for less than a duration of 10 years, have good C-peptide levels, good pancreatic function, or those who have not been Insulin dependent for a long time or those who do not have involvement of more than 2 organs have a much better chance of getting a resolution in terms of Diabetes. But an individual study of cases can speak best. One of our executives will shortly reach out to you to confirm the appointment. Toggle navigation. Myths about Bariatric Surgery. D Nageshwar Reddy Dr.

Rao Dr. P Nagaraja Rao Dr. Rajendra Prasad Dr. Mithun Sharma Dr.

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