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  1. Amphitrite – an overlooked Greek goddess
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  3. A mosaic from Herculaneum
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Amphitrite – an overlooked Greek goddess

Amphitrite rode off on her magical seahorse into the happily ever after of the ocean. Nereus, the old man of the sea and lord of the fish, and his wife Doris had 50 daughters called the Nereid , meaning daughters of Nereus, derived from the word neros wet.

The eldest was Amphitrite, who had two children with Poseidon after they were married. Their children were Triton, who was a famous merman, and their daughter Rhode, who was a sea nymph. In later Greek mythology, the name Amphitrite became synonymous with the sea. A painting by baroque artist Nicole Poussin completed in is called The Triumph of Amphitrite and depicts her marriage ceremony.

There, she lounges with a dolphin while wearing her identifying crab claw crown.

Who is Amphitrite?

We can also find the goddess above us in the stars. The large Asteroid 29 Amphitrite lies within the Aries constellation. Wherever we find her, Amphitrite is a reminder of the wondrous and mysterious creatures, both real and mythological, that inhabit the seas. I love this lady!

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  • Amphitrite – an overlooked Greek goddess!
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  • Amphitrite – an overlooked Greek goddess.

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A mosaic from Herculaneum

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  • Amphitrite – an overlooked Greek goddess.
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October 16, pm. All Rights Reserved. Amphitrite is a formal sea goddess, calling her husband 'my lord'. She seems hurt by her husbands' liasons, and probably wasn't happy when Poseidon promised on the River Styx that he wouldn't have anymore demigod children, but it was not kept. In myths though, she is not jealous of her husband's affairs with mortal women, but doesn't approve of it either.

Amphitrite | Demigods Haven Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. History Edit After her father was replaced as the ruler of the seas by Poseidon , Amphitrite became his wife and the Queen of the Ocean. Appearance Edit Amphitrite is beautiful, with flowing black hair and little horns like crab claws.