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  1. Electrically Conductive Adhesives Get Smaller
  2. Drawbacks of Traditional ECAs
  3. Nano-conductive Adhesives for Nano-electronics Interconnection

Electrically Conductive Adhesives Get Smaller

These new features of conductive adhesives such as G6-Epoxy TM not only improve and make existing products more viable, they also open the door to emergent applications. An example of such an application could be the manufacturing of the soft conductive electrodes for electro-cardiographs and for electroencephalography.

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Skip to main content. The following is a sponsored post by Graphene Labs Graphene nanoplatelets GNPs , unique materials produced from natural graphite, are finding their way into a wide variety of commercial products including nanocomposites, lubricants, additives to battery electrodes, functional textiles, as well as many other applications. GNPs have quite a few outstanding properties that allow them to be employed in a broad spectrum of applications, including: Superb mechanical strength Excellent electrical conductivity Ability to vastly improve the tensile strength and fracture toughness of polymers Low percolation threshold Resistance to corrosion These properties of GNPs help to formulate composite materials with excellent mechanical properties such as high modulus, high failure strength, and improved interfacial bonding.

Drawbacks of Traditional ECAs

Graphene Epoxy. Posted: Aug 21, by Ron Mertens.

1. Introduction

Applied Graphene Materials launches graphene-enhanced thermally conductive epoxy paste adhesives. Garmor announces electrically conductive composite for use in energy storage and electronic applications. Haydale to develop electrically conductive graphene-enhanced composites for aerospace.

New flexible, transparent electrodes made from silver nanowires and graphene. Silver nanowires used to increase graphene's conductivity dramatically.

Nano-conductive Adhesives for Nano-electronics Interconnection

In our formulations, we are extensively using graphene, a novel material that can greatly enhance performance of polymers and composites including epoxy resins. Graphene is a sheet of a single layer of carbon atoms, tightly bound in a hexagonal structure. Graphene's crystalline structure gives it unique optical, thermal, mechanical and electrical properties. Graphene is the thinnest compound known to man. It is only one atom thick, the lightest material known, the strongest compound discovered between to times stronger than steel , the best conductor of heat at room temperature and the best conductor of electricity known.

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  5. We have determined graphene to be a multifunctional filler that can simultaneously improve several important properties of epoxy resins that our customers require. The incorporation of graphene additives offers an effective technique to improve the electrical and mechanical properties of epoxies.


    Additional benefits of incorporating graphene may include increased tensile strength and stiffness, reduced flammability, as well as improved thermal and UV stability. Graphene reduces overall density, weight and cost of epoxy resins, improve operational safety and increase cured epoxy durability.

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    We have extensive experience and expertise working with graphene. Puzzles pieces Puzzles pieces 3D Puzzle. Out of stock. Added: Same author. Reviews 0.


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