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  1. Leveraging Your Leadership Style: Maximize Your Influence by Discovering the Leader Within
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Leveraging Your Leadership Style: Maximize Your Influence by Discovering the Leader Within

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Leveraging Your Communication Style 1. Learning and focusing on the basics of how to communicate well and then doing it are key to leveraging your success as a communicator. Who am I?

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What am I presenting? Who am I presenting to? Assertives dream of building a healthy future. Animateds dream of building a healthy team. Attentives dream of building healthy individuals. Accurates dream of building a healthy system. If it does, you have an anthill, not a network. You just clipped your first slide!

Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later.

Pathways DL-2 - Understanding Your Communication Style

Expressive The Expressive person loves to have and enjoys helping others. Talkative and open, he asks others for their opinions and loves to brainstorm.

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This is someone who is flexible and easily bored with routine. The Expressive is optimistic, intuitive, creative and spontaneous and may have a tendency to be flamboyant.

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  • Expressives are focused on the big picture. They love ideas and concepts and thrive on bringing visions into reality. They need innovation and look to others to handle the details.

    Integrity Communications

    On the downside, they can be overly dramatic, impulsive, a tad flaky and undisciplined. Amiable Amiable is the relationship style. Amiables focus on the feelings of other people and effective collaboration. They like consensus, avoid confrontation, and tend to be timid about voicing contrary opinions. Amiable people are good listeners, friendly and sensitive and build networks of friends to help them. They are likely to be slow with big decisions and need a lot of input.

    They thrive on involvement, participation and inclusion.

    Leveraging Your Leadership Style Workbook by John Jackson | Koorong

    On the downside, the Amiable person can be hesitant, unsure of himself and dependent on others. Under stress, they acquiesce or yield to the decisions of others. First, when you know your own default style, you can spot the best opportunities to use that style and build up your strengths. You can also see where you have gaps and where you can improve by learning from the other styles. Eventually, you can learn how to use each style comfortably and maximize the chances that others will follow your suggestions.

    This is at the heart of great leadership and it is why knowing about the communication styles is a powerful element of great leadership. Here are some suggestions on how to communicate effectively with each of the four communication styles. Driver When you communicate with a Driver, be sure to tell her about progress to goals, the actions to be taken and solutions to problems.

    Avoid chitchat and focus on the bottom-line. Be clear, concise, focused, relevant, decisive and efficient. Based on my research and investigation, I think there might be a hitch. I have some ideas on how to solve that. Would you like to discuss this? I have two ideas that would improve the quality and timeliness of the project.

    I need 15 minutes of your time. Can we meet today at ?

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    Therefore, when communicating with an expressive person, be sure to focus on the big picture. Deliver your message in a way that is enthusiastic, expressive, friendly, flexible and open to possibilities. Avoid getting bogged down in too many details! Have you got a minute to talk?