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Published on Nov 19, Sir John Williams, royal obstetrician, said to have killed the prostitutes to research infertility. Montague Druitt, whose father, uncle and cousin were all doctors. He was often in the area visiting his mother in a Whitechapel asylum, and he was found drowned in the Thames in December , perhaps having committed suicide after the murders. Joseph Barnett, the lover of the Ripper's last victim, Mary Kelly.

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One theory is that he killed the first victims to persuade Mary to change her lifestyle, but she found out and they argued, resulting in her death. Francis Thompson, who failed at medical school and turned to writing poetry after an unhappy love affair with a prostitute. James Kelly, who escaped from Broadmoor early in confined there for the murder of his wife. He also spent time in America at a time when similar murders occurred there.

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Dr William Thomas, a Welsh GP, was living in Spitalfields when the murders took place — but returned to his village coincidentally? His suicide followed the last of the Ripper murders. Lewis Carroll, the author of Alice in Wonderland, who is said to have revealed his guilt by coded messages in his book! Commissioner of Police during the Ripper investigations, Sir Charles Warren, could have done better, to put it mildly.

The Ripper's crimes did not take place in dark, fog-filled alleys, but in the long clear nights of late summer and early autumn. One victim Catherine Eddowes was killed on the same spot where a monk stabbed a woman praying at the altar of the Holy Trinity Monastery, before killing himself, in It seems that one of the directors of the Bank of England dressed as a navvy during the night to scour the Whitechapel streets with a pickaxe, hoping to catch the killer.

His short-lived career included an escape from St Giles Prison through the wooden ceiling and three escapes from Newgate, setting a record in escapology. He was finally executed at Tyburn in , watched by , spectators. His three brides were all murdered the same way, all while on honeymoon, and all for insurance money, but George still had enough bravado to protest his innocence — before being hanged in He and his Communist gang had been involved in the bungled jewellery burglary a month earlier not their first crime , which resulted in the deaths of three policemen, leading to the 'Battle' or 'Siege'.

Jack 'Spot' from the mole on his cheek Comer, born in Myrdle Street, Whitechapel, in April , made a fortune apparently from book-making, but in actuality from running a protection racket for East End Jews. After having his face slashed in and again in , he called it quits and opened a furniture shop instead.

He spent some of his childhood in prison before becoming a prolific serial killer. Although charged with just one murder of Francis Thornhill , sets of clothing were found at his shop, and he was hanged on the 25 January and sent, ironically, for dissection. Ronnie Kray never had fewer than 50 shirts at one time, rarely wearing one more than twice — and his socks were always of black silk. When Barbara Windsor and the cast of Sparrows Can't Sing were filming around Cambridge Heath Road and other parts of the East End in the early s, the Krays were hired to provide security on the set and can be seen — briefly — on screen.

The twins had a private masseuse and manicurist, and regularly visited a local gypsy to have their fortunes told. The Kray twins' trial at the Old Bailey in was the Old Bailey's longest criminal trial, lasting no less than thirty-nine days. When Ronnie Kray's body was laid out at the funeral parlour in Bethnal Green Road in , his dentures allegedly went missing.

Well, he wasn't going to need them. The Kray family burial plot is not in the East End, but is at Chingford Mount; and not only the Krays and their parents are interred but also Frances Kray, who — apparently — committed suicide in Oldest brother Charles Kray died in prison in while serving time for masterminding a cocaine-smuggling operation. Ratcliff Highway now The Highway was notorious as the site of four murders in December , resulting in a reward of guineas being offered.

Three more murders took place half a mile away in New Gravel Lane just days later, acknowledged to be by the same perpetrator. London Plaques. Derek Sumeray. The Little Book of Cornwall.

Lifetime's Witches of East End - 2x10 "The Fall of The House of Beauchamp" Deleted Scene

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Witches of East End (Book)

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